Mega Tracks™ is being hailed as one of the top toys for 2016. Here are the products you can use to build your Mega Tracks world. Start with the Master Set and then add on to create bigger layouts. It is your world to customize and create however you want.

Here are the products you can use to build your Mega Tracks TM world.

Master Sets

Get ready for high-speed action with Lionel Mega Tracks, the flexible rail system that lets you create extreme racetracks anywhere.

Build the track your way: attach TwisTrack™ to almost any surface, then customize your creation with a quick twist or turn of the track. Rocket straight up a wall or speed through a gravity-defying corkscrew - no matter how extreme the stunt.

If you can imagine it, you can build it with Mega Tracks. The possibilities for action are limitless!

Winner of the 2016 Toy Insider Top Holiday Toys!

2016 Toy Insider Top Holiday Toy

Stunt/Expansion Packs

Expand your Mega Tracks world and go inverted with the Twisted Tower™ and Tornado Mountain™ stunt packs.

These sets are the perfect addition to your Mega Tracks Corkscrew Chaos Master Set (sold separately).

Shell Packs

Customize your Mega Tracks world with the Stealth Speeders™ and Rail Racers™ interchangeable vehicle bodies.

Simply snap on the vehicle design of your choice to your chassis from your Mega Tracks Corkscrew Chaos set (sold separately) and then you can rule the rails.