For Parents

Mega Tracks™ is not your average toy. Part building toy, part track system and part RC vehicle, Mega Tracks combines the best of what kids love.

IMPORTANT:  Mega Tracks is not a toy that kids just 'get'. This is not a take it out of the box and play type of toy! Instead, kids are challenged to learn and to understand the realities of physics. They will spend time learning things like: Momentum. Stability. Angles. Structure. Control.

The more kids play with Mega Tracks, the more they will learn and the more they can apply. Here are just a few things that they will be learning about:

Engineering. Mega Tracks asks kids to look not just at how things work but also about how each part of the system interacts with the rest of the system. It is important for kids to learn how twisting the track in one section impacts the rest of their layout.

Spatial Learning. Mega Tracks asks kids to figure out how to build in a confined area.  Whether they are building on the floor or attached to furniture, they are asked to figure out how they can utilize the space that they have chosen. Sometimes this means building up and other times it means building across a longer surface.

Momentum. Kids want to go fast, but Mega Tracks requires the user to control their speeds in order to stay on the track. If you go too fast through a curve or loop, the car may come off the tracks. It is important for kids to control their speeds in order to successfully make it through the course that they've created.

Some important notes for parents:

  • Set clear rules about where kids can play with Mega Tracks.
  • Some styles of furniture could be damaged from the Mega Tracks building system. Parents should give permission for all surface areas prior to building on them.
  • Be sure that everything kids may build on is stable and not likely to fall over.
  • As Mega Tracks vehicles can fall off of the tracks, be sure that the floor beneath the tracks is safe for play. A carpeted surface is best to ensure that the floors are not damaged by falling vehicles.
  • It takes time to become skilled at building with Mega Tracks. Parental guidance and participation can be helpful for kids as they learn how to best build with Mega Tracks.